Federal Crimes

Attorneys of Thomas, Ferguson & Beskind, LLP are licensed to practice in the federal courts of North Carolina. If you are charged with a federal crime in federal court in North Carolina, contact our attorneys to discuss your case. The attorneys of Thomas, Ferguson & Beskind, LLP have experience defending clients on a variety of federal crimes including:

Drug Offenses such as Conspiracy to Distribute cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, etc.; Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, etc.; Maintaining a Residence for the Purpose of Manufacturing, Distributing, and using a controlled substance; Manufacturing a Controlled Substance; Distributing a Controlled Substance; Child Pornography; Mail Fraud; Counterfeiting; Kidnapping; Bank Robbery; RICO and all other federal crimes.

People accused of federal crimes in North Carolina need tough, aggressive legal help to get the best possible results.

Federal court is very different from state court. The federal courts tend to move more quickly, and the potential punishments tend to be much harsher than in state court. If you have been charged in federal court, you need a team of lawyers who understand how to navigate the federal system and get clients the best result possible.

The attorneys at Thomas, Ferguson & Beskind, LLP have extensive experience litigating criminal matters in federal court, from negotiating favorable pleas to successfully trying cases. Contact us today for a consultation about your case.

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Federal Criminal Defense
Not all attorneys handle federal cases, but we do.