If someone you love has been convicted of a crime, you are probably wondering what is next. A person can challenge their conviction and sentence through an appeal.

Appeals are very different from trials. Most of the advocacy is done in written form. The goal of an appeal is to find errors made in the trial court that rendered the trial unfair.

Appeals focus on the interpretation and application of the law, requiring a lawyer to thoroughly review trial records, identify judicial errors, and construct persuasive legal arguments for appellate review. This process demands a lawyer with specialized skills in legal research and written advocacy, capable of presenting a strong case to the appellate courts.

The right appellate lawyer knows how to highlight these issues effectively, ensuring your appeal is heard and considered with the gravity it deserves. In the appellate arena, where your future often depends on the strength of written arguments, choosing an experienced appeals lawyer is crucial.

Why Choose Us?
Our appellate lawyers will review the court file and transcripts, using a trained eye to evaluate possible errors.
Our lawyers draw upon their significant experience to present arguments in the most persuasive way.
All of our appellate lawyers also handle trial level matters, which gives them additional insight into how errors can affect the outcome of the trial.

While most cases are decided entirely on the written briefs, occasionally the appellate courts decide to have the lawyers present oral arguments in person. Below, see examples of TFB appellate lawyers making compelling and deeply knowledgeable arguments.

TFB attorneys are ready to help you navigate this direct appeal process.

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