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After Prison: Supervised Release and Parole

If you or a loved one were sentenced to prison time in North Carolina, the sentence includes a period of supervision after you are released. Sometimes reentry can be very challenging, and an alleged lack of compliance with the conditions of supervised release can lead to a violation or revocation, resulting in more time in prison. The violation and revocation process differs from a trial, and is generally conducted informally, outside of a courtroom. At TFB, attorney Olivia (Liv) Warren became passionate about supporting clients through this transition after arguing her first violation case: the hearing officer commented that he had never heard an attorney make actual legal arguments in support of a client during the violation and revocation process. Liv and the rest of our staff are here to assess the facts of your case and the applicable law to fight for you.

Many people sentenced in North Carolina for crimes committed before October 1, 1994, are eligible for parole consideration. Once someone becomes eligible for parole review, the Parole Commission must continue to review their case periodically. The reasons for denial of parole are confidential, and the process can be confusing and frustrating. Liv has experience in parole advocacy and can represent you through this stressful but hopeful time. Parole representation typically includes investigating and compiling materials related to your case, your progress during incarceration, and your relationships in prison and beyond. Our attorneys and staff can develop a reentry plan and other materials that demonstrate the likelihood of a successful return to your community. We will communicate with the Parole Commission on your behalf, prepare written submissions in support of parole, and advocate for you throughout the entire review process.

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Whether it is preparing for a first parole review or taking a look at your case after repeated denials, call Liv today.