Driving While License Revoked (DWLR)

Losing one’s privilege to drive is more than an inconvenience. You could lose your job and face serious difficulty securing another. A speeding ticket, a DWI conviction, accumulation of driving points and certain criminal convictions are just a few of the reasons your license may be revoked or suspended. While it may not sound like a serious charge, DWLR can have serious consequences.

Reasons for Suspension or Revocation

In North Carolina traffic violations can result in your license can be revoked or suspended, and likely will be without a solid legal defense, if you:

  • accumulate a certain number of points for certain traffic offenses on your license within a three-year period
  • have been convicted of illegal transportation of alcoholic beverages
  • are convicted of speeding over a certain speed
  • a certain number of speeding tickets
  • a certain combination of speeding tickets and reckless or aggressive driving

Revocation is to be expected if you fail or refuse a chemical test to determine whether you are driving under the influence or if you’re convicted of DWI.

There are numerous criminal convictions which can result in revocations including:

  • manslaughter or negligent homicide, if it was the result of your driving
  • a felony, if a vehicle was used
  • failing to stop after a crash
  • two convictions for reckless driving or one conviction each for reckless driving and aggressive driving within 12 months
  • a second or subsequent conviction for transporting an open container of alcohol
  • certain offenses relating to explosives
  • a second or subsequent conviction of motor fuel theft
Reinstating Your License

Typically your drivers license can be reinstate by paying a fine of $50 to $100, but only after the revocation period had elapsed.

Criminal Charges for Driving While License Revoked

According the North Carolina General Statutes, a DWLR is a Class 1 misdemeanor and can be punishable by a jail sentence if you have previous convictions. Even without a prior conviction, you could face 1 to 45 days in jail. In certain circumstances, your vehicle may be seized. If you don’t contact us, please be sure to speak to another firm experienced in defending this charge.

Legal Help for Driving While License Revoked

DWLR is a serious charge with serious punishments. Above and beyond the fines, jail time and additional revocations, it will increase your insurance rates and affect your ability to keep or get a job. Our attorneys have exceptional experience defending criminal charges including driving while your license is revoked.

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